I believe music is one of the single most important things in this world.

Taylor - Pleasant Grove, Utah
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Music. There are many types of it; Hard rock, metal, country, pop, rap, etc. Every one has there favorite types of music. No matter who you are there is a type of music that just does it for you. When your angry, you want a music that will just help you to let all your frustration and anger out. For me, this is really hard, heavy, and fast rock. My favorite types of music are rock, metal, 80’s hair metal, classic rock, progressive rock. But these are also just some of the musics I like. I’m a well- rounded music lover. When I’m in a really relaxing mood, I listen to rock ballads, instrumental musicians like Yanni. It just helps me to really relax and to just take it easy when I want to. Like I sometimes just like taking a walk by myself just to let some steam off or just to think. I always take my iPod and listen to my ‘softies’ play-list cause it helps me a lot to relax and enjoy my walk. Or when I’m trying to get ready for a football game or anything that requires me to be hyper and full of energy, I listen to really hard rock and metal bands like Atreyu, System of a Down, Metallica, etc. It just shoots an extra adrenaline shot into my system and gets me going. This is just some of the music that does it for me, but there’s something more important that music can do for people. It brings people together.

Everyone likes a certain type of music. When you meet other people that like that music, then it gives you guys something to talk about cause you have something in common. I know from personal experience that the type of music I love helped me get some of the friends I have today cause we could talk to each other about the music. Or when you go to a concert, you are surrounded by people who love the type of music you like so you can relate to people there and it just brings you together. At a lot of concerts I’ve been to, I can meet people that are like me and I have actually gotten some friends from concerts. One of them is named Brock Wheeler. In 7th grade, during football tryouts, I was wearing a Van Halen t-shirt. Brock saw it and started talking to me. Now we’re Freshman and still are good friends today.

I believe music is one of the single most important things in this world. Everyone listens to it, everyone likes it, and everyone appreciates some type of it. So you have to think to yourself, what would the world be like without the music?