Walk It Off

Charles - Pleasant Grove, Utah
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

In hindsight I probably shouldn’t have walked a half mile on my ankle, but there were girls there and I couldn’t look weak in front of them; besides I didn’t know it was sprained at the time. In the past year I’ve sprained my ankle twice and both times I was told to “walk it off.” The first time it was my friend, he didn’t believe me that my ankle hurt. The second time it was my gym teacher, he didn’t believe me either. I believe that people say “walk it off” too much.

Face it, if you get hurt below the knee you will probably be told to “walk it off” by someone: a teacher, a friend, maybe even yourself. It almost seems that if you don’t “walk it off” you aren’t tough enough, or you aren’t “man” enough (in some people’s opinions). Does it make you more of a man to cause yourself permanent bodily damage? Are injuries now a sign of manhood? Seriously, if you break your ankle you need to get it in a cast, not “walk it off.” I’m not saying that you need to immediately treat every little bump or bruise, but some injuries need to be treated faster: broken bones and sprains are just a couple examples.

When I sprained my ankle I tried to walk it off and that just made it worse. When it happened I was walking down to a local fast food place after the school play (I was doing the sound work). There was about fifty people in all, about half girls. I tripped and hurt my ankle. I didn’t think it was anything serious so I told myself to “walk it off.” Besides I couldn’t look weak in front of that many girls, it would be the end of my dating for a long time. My ankle didn’t hurt too much that night. The next morning, however, it really started hurting, so I went to the doctor and got an X-ray. The doctor said it was broken and gave me one of those special boots to wear. A couple days later a radiologist looked at the X-rays and said that it was just a sprain, but walking on it that night didn’t do any good. I learned my lesson, but what about the rest everyone else. Why is it that all men are required to take pain like “Rambo”? Next time think before you tell someone to “walk it off.”