Success is not too far away

Ryan - Pleasant Grove, Utah
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

How do you feel when you’ve done well on something? I feel really good when I have accomplished something. When I see my report card has a 4.0 on it or when I get and award I feel successful. It makes me feel like I did well and overcame a great obstacle. It makes me feel smart and talented. I believe in success.

In school it happens all the time. I know of an upcoming test so I study because I want to pass it. Test day comes and I breeze through it because I studied and know it all. People give me weird looks after, like that I cheated or had some help. Then when the teacher hands the tests back out I see that I got an A. Then they always tell me “Wow, you’re smart” or “You’re a genius”. All I did was prepare ahead of time and success just came to me.

Other times success is not so easy to achieve. In sports, music, and many other activities, you have to work hard and prepare for what is ahead. You have to challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone, and do your best. When we have a Jazz Band festival coming up we always drill and practice our music so that we can do well at the festival and get a good rating. It is a grueling experience and sure it takes a lot of effort, but the work is not going to go to waste. You will become successful and get the satisfaction that you did well. Sometimes you might even be rewarded for it. It gives you the feeling that you overcame a great task.

If you want be successful you have to have the actual desire to succeed, not just have the “go out and do it” attitude. You have to actually want to do really good and push yourself. Second, you have to do the effort and try. You have to work and work at it, even if it is difficult. But I know that you will feel like you are amazing and that you will not regret working so hard. It has always worked for me. I believe in success.