Work Over School

Gerardo - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I had just received a call from my dad asking me if I want to go work with him. I was surprised and amazed but I went ahead and said yes, it was summer vacation; it wouldn’t hurt to make a few dollars. In our family it was either go to school or go into construction, so I decided to give a try. The next day was my first day at work and boy was I nervous! I was just hoping I didn’t do anything wrong, but I believed I was up for the challenge. My dad had different ideas, he would get me under pressure and make me ever more nervous, telling me that a mistake could ruin the whole job. My co-workers would tell me not to pay any attention because he does that to everybody. I went to work day in and day out trying to improve my carpenter skills. After a while I would look forward going to work. I guess making money got to my head a little bit. At that moment in time I was thinking of dropping out of school and going into construction. I didn’t tell my dad, because I already knew what his answer would be, so I kept it to myself. My dad and co-workers would always ask me if I liked working in construction but every time they would interrupt and start telling me about how I should stay in school because construction is no life for a teenager, to stick to the books. They wanted somebody to make it out. I looked at my older sisters, a high school drop out, and a high school graduate. I didn’t want to have to struggle in life as they did with low paying jobs and living paycheck after paycheck. From that point on, the idea of dropping out was no longer a consideration for me. If I go to college I will be the first one in my family to do so. Entering my senior year in high school I had two goals in mind: graduate from high school and go to college.