Monkey See Monkey Do

Alexis - Pleasent Grove, Utah
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When you watch some one do an amazing trick you want to learn how to do it. It is like watching a magic trick you want to learn how it’s done, even after they refuse to tell you their secrets. I believe we can learn by watching other people do daily things. Especially children they learn by watching their parents, siblings, and people around them. Anytime you do something for good or for bad someone is watching you.

A couple of weeks ago my mom got some information that she really didn’t want to know. As soon as she found that out she went to the bathroom a got a wad of toilet paper and started crying. Later that night my little one year old brother walked into the bathroom grabbed a bunch of toilet paper, and pretended to cry into it. When my mom realized what he was doing all she did was laughed.

I have also learned how to do many things from watching others. When I do i can learn what they are thinking or how they are feeling. My step sister is deaf and so I have to know sign language so I can communicate with her. Anytime I don’t know the exact sign would ask her what it is and most of the time she would know how to sign it. Because of watching her sign it has helped me to sign better, and be a better bigger sister.

My little brother has learned so much by watching movies, siblings, and other people. From watching movies he has learned how to spin around like a ballerina from watching Barbie movies with dancing princesses. My brother has also learned how to do sign language from watching a movie. He has also learned how to fight, tossing plastic balls, catching balls, and oh, so much more. Everyday he learns more and more one day he may be smarter than me.

If we didn’t watch when we were children we wouldn’t be able to do many things when we get out into the world. Because we watch people we can learn how to do a lot of the activities we do; like how to eat, play sports, cook, drive, and so much more. We may thing it is weird to watch people, but that is how we learn. We all know what they say “monkey see monkey do”and that applies to everyone.