Hard work is more valuable than the greatest gift

Chance - 84062, Utah
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

A child was born one day, a child named Tiger Woods. When he was a baby, he watched his dad every day hit golf balls into a net inside the garage. Finally when he was about two years old, his dad gave him a try. When he hit it, his father knew that his son was gifted. Tiger hit the ball with technique as good as his father, every single time. But this is not what impresses me. Once his dad knew that his son had a gift, he taught Tiger to work harder than anybody else. His dad did everything that he could possibly do for him: He took him to the golf course, he gave him lessons, and he disciplined him. Years later, Tiger became professional. And just a couple years after that, he became the #1 player in the PGA. His dad was right up their with him the entire time, until he died. But because of all those years of discipline, he isn’t just a great golfer. He is one of the hardest working people who ever lived. That’s what amazes me. I believe that hard work is more valuable than the greatest gift.

Every day I see people with amazing gifts, people who have the ability to do something great naturally. But I notice that most of these people take it for granted and never spend the amount of effort needed to make it useful. Then you see the people who work harder than everybody, they are never recognized for what they do.

One day in 7th grade, my P.E. class was running the mile. But this class was not the average class; it had most of the athletic kids. Once we started, we were all ahead. Soon some kids fell behind, this happened until we were all evened out along the track. Once it was over we we were all panting. Most of us had good times: 5:30, 6:02, 5:45. But one kid, Jake, only had 8:36. He was the most nonathletic person I had ever met in my life, he couldn’t run to save his life. When he finished he was breathing two times as hard as anyone else. His face was so red that it could have exploded. All the rest of us were doing fine. We were all waiting for the coach to come and glorify the kids who ran the fastest, except this time it was different. He had asked Jake to stand up. Our coach told him that he did better than every single one of us because he worked harder. We usually think that because people can’t do things as great as other people, that we shouldn’t even try because we will never be noticed. But there is always somebody who notices, and they will respect you for working hard at it. I believe that hard work is more valuable than the greatest gift.