I beleive the right person in the wrong place, or situation can make all the difference in the world

Jacob - Pleasant Grove, Utah
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Everyone has had a bad experience, moment, or hour, or even day. With that everyone knows that not everything goes according to plan. At times you can find yourself in the wrong place or in the wrong situation, and someone you don’t even know pulls you out of it. I believe, that the right person in the wrong place or situation, can make all the difference in the world.

There are several shootings, terrorist attacks, crashes, and many other incidents that are cases in which lives have been saved because the right person was there, such as the trolley square shooting here in Utah. An off-duty police officer was the right person, but he was in the wrong place, yet he saved lives. Some people call this luck. But to me and many others luck is just another word for destiny.

Just like everyone has a bad days everyone has their own qualifications and talents. These talents can and do help the world in their own ways every day. Talents that if used properly and given the opportunity to help, will save lives and work miracles. One time I was swimming in a swim meet and a kid had a heart attack and fell in the water. One of the officials happened to be a paramedic and knew exactly what to do. He performed CPR and other treatments and saved the young man. My coach told us that if he would not have been present then the swimmer would have died. Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be something extraordinary or even special as this. It can be a normal person in a normal place…achieving the extraordinary.

Another one of these ordinary, everyday stories is about my father at the age of eight. He was hiking and he fell in a river, no one was with him to save him and he was to small to get out himself. As he was carried away by the current fighting for his life a stranger that was looking for directions (because the hiker was lost) grabbed him and pulled him out saving his life. This man just was just the right person in the wrong place. And if he would not have been there I would not be here today. This is just another common example of this.

No one truly realizes how often this takes place. Everyday there are more of these “happenings,” each one great in its own way. If we all just look around, try to help, and realize all we can do for others, the world will change to how we all want it to be: safe. As I said before everyone has their own talents. The trick is putting them to good use. With one right person, hundreds of “normal” people can and are saved all the time. Two wrongs do not make one right, but one right can make all the difference in the world and to people everyday.