I believe

Brittney - Please Grove, Utah
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Nobody knows what everyone’s been through which means there’s no room for first impression judgments. Every person has trails in their life: big or small. We all have our problems.

As you’re reading this I hope to prove you wrong if you’re thinking that what is or has gone on in your life is worse than anyone else’s because that causes wall building and bottling up of emotions-but thats not always true, everyone’s problems are all hard, they’re just different.

“One out of every ten girls gets either molested or raped.” Said our self-defense couch. As me and one of my best friends practiced the self-defense moves I thought to myself how lucky I was to have a good social and family life situation so I didn’t put too much worry into this matter; because I knew that would never happen to me. A little more than a year later I was proven wrong; it can happen to anyone, anywhere, and by who you’d least expect. So being just a young age of fourteen I was molested by my own dad. To my mom this was a huge shock, and my dad moved out the next morning. None of us knew how we were going to be able to survive, my mom was attending medical school to get her degree in nursing back, there’s eight kids for her to take care of, and my oldest brothers wedding was in a week and a half.

That’s just one example of a common trial going on in todays world. People everyday are going though them: divorces, child abuse, car accidents, financial issues’, addictions, simple friend fights and so much more. I believe that people should be more understanding. My mom once told me that when i associate with others I need to assume that there’s something going wrong in their life. Doing that will automatically increase the respect level you are showing them and helps them be more open to you, then people can trust you, you come to you as a person they can work their problems out with. This I believe.