Friendships online

Jessie - Pleasant Grove, Utah
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Have you ever had friends in another country or even another city? Maybe this friend is someone you’ve met on e bay. Maybe it’s someone that you met on an airplane. Either way, a friend is still a friend no matter how or where you meet. I truly believe that e bay is a good thing and that it brings people together.

I have personally seen this happen. My Dad has owned an e bay business for a few years now. He sells model trains. My Dad is always willing to help people and in return, people have been very generous towards my family.

Quite often, my dad’s e bay business has led to friendships with people all over the globe; in Canada, Australia, Germany, England, and even New York. These people are our friends because of the kindness they willingly give.

Many of these people have sent things to us. They send us pictures and letters, telling us about their families and their lives. Just because of my Dads friendship, people have bought things from us when we really needed it. Just because they knew we needed help. There was one time that I had to have money for a school field trip. So I asked my Dad for the money. We didn’t really have the money in our budget but, because of his e bay friends, we did have enough money to let me go on the field trip. It has shown me that there are good people everywhere. Even though there are criminals out there there are just as many, if not more, good-hearted people out there.

For me, it shows that what goes around, really does come back around. If you treat someone with the attitude of “the customer is always right,” people are more willing to buy from you again. Which helps you out in the future. It also works the other way as well. If someone is kind and helpful to you, you want to be kind and helpful to them in return.

I truly believe that e bay is a good thing and that it brings people together. I have had experiences with people that have helped my belief to grow. And I will always continue to believe it too.