This I Believe

Braydin - Pleasant Grove, Utah
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Have you ever been around one of your friends that is in a really crummy mood? Well I have and I hate it. I believe that attitudes effect everyone around us, and that we need to help everybody to be in a better mood.

Whenever you see someone and you just know their in a bad mood, it makes you think what is wrong with them. You start to think of all the situations that could possibly be wrong with this person. Once you think of all the possibilities you start to think of your life and how all these situations apply to your life and how your life isn’t going right. One person just made the rest of your day bad just because they looked like they were in a bad mood.

This past month one of my best friends didn’t get a lot of sleep: she forgot her homework and she didn’t have time to make herself a lunch. Pretty much nothing was going right for her, she came to school with a frown on her face. People could tell something was the matter; but they were to afraid to ask, they were really afraid of being put into a bad mood also. I figured that I should ask I mean she was my best friend. What kind of a friend would I be if I didn’t help her to have a better day? She told me what all has gone wrong with her this morning. I told her just to talk to her teacher and hopefully her teacher would understand, and that she could have some of my lunch. Just by one little gesture she started to smile and have a better day.

If you go somewhere and you see someone just smiling away, is usually will make you smile, then the next thing you know you are jumping around with your friends, giggling and smiling. Even people’s attitudes in movies or books effect us. Say you go to a really sad movie where they are crying, your eyes will probably start to water. Or you are reading a book and the characters are laughing in the book, you will see yourself laughing along. Whenever I would read the book Twilight my mood would depend on the happening in the book. Books really have an impact on your mood.

People are deeply effected by how are attitudes are. Whenever you are in a bad mood, stop and think is it really that bad? Is it really worth putting other’s into a bad mood. Remember attitudes really do effect other people, but we can’t just sit around and let them be in a bad mood we need to help them and encourage them to be in a better mood.