We all need a friend

Mathew - Pleasant Grove, Utah
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Friends. They are a powerful force in life and we all need at least one. Everybody needs someone to talk to. Someone to help them through a tough time or just to make them feel wanted. Everyone needs friends and no one can go through life alone. I believe that everyone needs one good friend. I cannot imagine going through life without friends, it would be devastating. As a human being I need to think about others and their needs instead of just caring about my own. Having a friend teaches people to look out for someone other then themselves. If everybody in the world would do that, then we would all be much happier.

When I was nine years old I had an experience that helped me to see that I was selfish and that I needed to do something meaningful for somebody else. My opportunity to do this middle of my fourth grade year in school: a new boy named Jared moved into the area and was placed in my class. He was really shy and most everybody in our class thought that he was “strange” or “undeserving” of their friendship. They would tease him sometimes but mostly Jared was just ignored and left out of everything. One day about two weeks later I felt that I needed to talk to him and try to make him feel welcome. We talked and after a while he invited me over to his house one weekend. That day we had a great time and he became one of my best friends. We did nearly everything together. After a while other kids saw that Jared wasn’t so different and so they began to accept and befriend him. Jared moved away just two years later but he was one of my closest friends up until the day he moved away and even after. He had a great effect on my life and I hope that I helped him and had a positive influence on his.

Many other people have had a person or friend profoundly effect their life in a positive way. Friends can help us through the darkest times of our lives and I have heard stories about some people with amazing friends. I always think one man whose story was truly inspiring. He was a speaker at a religious conference for youth I attended, he had been having a hard time dealing with: drugs, alcohol, and criminal activity. He was near death when one of his friends saw his situation and made the decision to help. He took care of him and helped him out of his bad position. That is the kind of friend I hope to be and believe that everyone needs to try and be like that. I believe that most of the major problems in our world could be solved if we would befriend and take care of just one person, if we all did this then nobody would ever be alone.