This I Believe

Christiaan - Pleasant Grove, Utah
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: respect

Many people in this world are living off the need to criticize or degrade others around them. It’s almost an addiction for some people. What they don’t realize is that their one little insult, or one little comment, could affect the way someone’s life could be spent for the rest of their existence. And maybe the person they are criticizing is going through tough times and they don’t even know it. Though some criticism is good and can help us be better, sometimes it is just plain inappropriate and unneeded.

I’ve seen people just be torn down and tossed aside by people who take pleasure in criticism. Sometimes people will be doing activities that they enjoy: sports, jobs, and hobbies. Than someone will come and tell them that what they’re do is stupid, that they are dumb for doing that, or that it’s just not the cool thing to do. But those kind of people need to just back off and remember that people can do whatever they want.

Others may only be able to keep one small job to just barely get along in life and people will come and tell them that they are just worthless, or tell them they should have done something else. What they don’t realize is that maybe that person couldn’t afford to go to school when he/she was younger because of their mom or dad who was sick in the hospital. I had a friend that was being mocked because she wasn’t being very active and participating like everyone else, what they didn’t know was that her best friend had just committed suicide. You should never judge or criticize a person unless you know the whole story.

Respect is one of the most important things in this world that is being lost. Many people in this world will speak without having any thought of respect to the person. And what they say may again be inappropriate and rude. Criticism is the hardest thing to control in this world because of it’s many levels of expression. Even so, I believe that we should all look past our differences and respect everyone.