An American Faith

Patricia - Pottstown, Pennsylvania
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

America I am a simple American. But I know what I see. Somehow, the rights of other people and countries and their needs, have overshadowed our own.

We worry about people starving in other countries yet our people starve. We worry that immigrants cannot speak English or deal with currency, yet, our reading level is at just about the fifth grade and we have to defend our right to speak English.

Our dollar is at an all time low because of a war that kills our people at a cost of 3 billion dollars per week. Those people coming home may not have a home to come to if this continues.

Let us focus our attention where it belongs. I believe in America, my home, my people. Do not become passive because there is always more we can do, and America, now is the time to do more. Write congress, speak up, support a soldier who needs you, clean up a creek, raise thinking children, vote, make an educated decision.

We have been down before but never out. We cannot be the generation who falls down because America is beautiful and deserves more. Get going.