This I believe

McKenzie - Pleasant Grove, Utah
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Imagine you are in a large room. It’s crowded with people cheering at the dynamic speaker in front. He looks young. You can barely hear what he’s saying, but you catch bits and pieces over the noise…“Well that’s Bush for you!” You notice a group of police men behind the microphone. The speaker continues…“If you were in his school, If you joined the same secret service,” As look, you notice that they look nervous, as if they’re anticipating something important. You wonder why, but the crowds interrupt your thoughts with cries of outrage. There’s a sense of anger in the air, every moment is tense.

You find the source of commotion. The young speaker is being brutally carried away by the three policemen in front. The situation is complete chaos as the speaker struggles while yelling, “What did I do? You can’t arrest me, I didn’t do anything!” and “Just let me go and I’ll walk right out of here.” The crowds cheer as he throws his hands up in revolt. Everything goes quiet and you can hear the sound of a taser gun clearly. Every ear strains, all eyes are alert. The defeated speaker starts to cry out in pain. Despite the crowd’s protesting, the policemen carry the broken man out of the room.

Everyone can’t believe what just happened. You hear a man mumble something next to you,

“And yet we call this country free, there’s an example of real free speech!”

He couldn’t be more right.

This is a true story. I saw the video on the Internet and for some reason it has stuck with me. I believe this country isn’t as free as everyone says it is. This country is run by puppets. People who let someone else run them. Money is a powerful tool for persuasion. Our government is not run by the president. Yes, he may be the man in the black suit reassuring the public that we have rights and freedoms. The glorious mortal who is consoling America by telling them that we are always the good guys.

No, he does not run America. He is merrily the icon set on the pedestal to look nice, and approve the laws. It is the men behind the scenes that you want to look out for. The ones who stay away from the public eye, but always close to Mr. President. Those are the true leaders of America, and what do we know about them? Nothing, and that’s how they’d like to keep it. Let the president get blamed if a situation gets out of hand, if a speech goes too far. Men are greedy, and in most cases will do anything for money. It’s not the election that decides who will get all the power, it’s who has the most money. So I will close with a word of advice. Be careful . Keep your eyes open, your head out of the sand, and your mind clear. We are America’s future.