I believe music can change the world.

Andrew Law - Pleasant Grove, Utah
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Music is everywhere, you can’t escape it. It has such a major influence in our lives. Because music has feeling and motion to it, we probably are who we are today because of what we have listened to. There are plenty of variations of music in the world, each with it’s own unique voice. If we took the time to listen to other peoples music, then we could truly understand each other.

My mom traveled to a string teachers convention in New Mexico for a couple of days. In a class she attended, the speaker said that if music was an important part of everyones lives, there would be no wars. No major conflicts would occur.

The more I think about this, the more I believe it could happen. I read an article in the newspaper about the New York Philharmonic Orchestra traveling to North Korea to preform. The U.S. and North Korea haven’t been on friendly terms for a long time, but after the orchestra performed, thoughts and feelings toward the two countries changed for the people that attended. “The concert was ‘not only just an art performance’ but also embodied the ‘good feelings of the Americans toward citizens of the DPRK.’ said Pak, counselor with the North Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee.” After the orchestra had preformed, they received three encores. The enthusiastic waving from the audience caused some members of the orchestra to cry as they left the stage. It might not have effected the leaders of either country because they weren’t there, but the people of North Korea were certainly impacted

From sharing a simple thing like music, citizens of the two countries became connected. By placing great music into our lives, we can all become more in tune with other people. I read an article that talked about what music can do to us depending on what we listen to. In the article, there was a section on listening to wholesome music. The author explained how listening to good music helped her talk to more people and help others more often.

I’ve thought about how this kind of music could help us become more understanding toward each other. I think music can truly influence who we are. We don’t all like the same types of music but we can appreciate the music that has been created by many people in the world. We need to share music with each other on a personal level. Like the orchestra did with the North Koreans. I believe that music can change the world.