I believe that we do what we are told

Lindsey - 84062, Utah
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When I got this assignment, I thought a lot about what I believe in. The core values that lead my thoughts and my decisions. What I found surprised me: I don’t really have any. What I do depends on what others tell me to do and what is expected of me.

I am part of a religion, but only because that is how I was raised. I stay away from smoking and drugs, only because so many people have testified of its power to ruin lives. I go to school, and get good grades, because my parents have taught me that that is the right thing to do. I do these things, not because I enjoy doing them, but because of the want to be as good as everyone else, and to be the person that everyone seems to want me to be.

I have never stopped to question that way that things have always been done. I just do them because that is what I am supposed to do. I believe that, before we really have to grow up and think for ourselves, we just do as we are told.

If you ask a junior high or elementary student what they believe, their beliefs will probably come close to matching their parents. For example; presidency campaigns. Sometimes the topic of who would be the best president comes up at lunch or in class. When asked which one they would vote for, the friends that I have with parents with strong opinions are the ones who also have strong opinions. I, on the other hand have two parents with very strong opinions on separate candidates, so I am completely undecided.

The reason for not letting teenagers work until they are sixteen or seventeen and the reason we need parent permission slips to go anywhere or do anything is simple: we just aren’t ready yet. We still rely far too much on our parents for help that we wouldn’t be much good to anyone yet. Even the jobs open to sixteen year olds are scarce. I have a friend that is older and trying to get a job. She has the choice between a fast food restaurant or walmart. Until we grow up and have experiences of our own, we just have the thoughts of others in our head. Sure we have common sense, but that is really all that we are good for.

The first fifteen years of our life is just to learn the basics, and from there we become an individual.