Failure is a motivation

Taylor - Pleasant Grove, Utah
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that failure is a great tool to success. When I was a younger I loved to play basketball, I wanted to try out for the Open Court team. I was not yet old enough for freshman basketball. This was the team to be on. I went to tryouts and did my best. The next day the roster was placed on the front of the gym doors. My name wasn’t on it. It disappointed me. I thought I was a failure. Not making the team became a motivation. My friend and I worked hard in the summer to become better. Then Freshman tryouts were here. My friend and I went to the first day of tryouts, and made the first cut. There were 25 athletes left. Then the second day of tryouts came and both Cory and I made the freshman team. Many people may think failure hurts, but to me I believe that failure is a motivation.

I’m definitely not the only one that has failed and then reached their goal. There are many people who have failed: Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, The Wright brothers and many more, But I’m going to talk about Michael Jordan. At Laney High school, Michael Jordan did not make his basketball team his sophomore year. This failure has become a motivation for this player. He worked more than anybody. Now today Michael Jordan has become the greatest basketball player ever.

At one point in your life you will fail. This may hurt, depending on what it is, But we must learn from our mistakes and not listen to the discouraging comments that are intended to bring us down. We need to take action and personally make a goal to do better the second time around. Without failure there would be no success. A man once said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal, but along the way we do get to learn.” Through my failures and trials, I don’t think of myself as a disappointment or a failure. I work on what I failed and do better the next time. This I believe failure is a motivation.