caring about others

Dustin - Pleasant Grove, Utah
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that everyone should care less about themselves. While in school I have seen many people that care to much about themselves. I suppose that I have gained my I believe statement from watching people at school.

Just last week I was going through my daily routine at school. I was casually walking from one class to another. I noticed a student that was commenting on the clothing of a other student. The student that was commenting on the other’s clothing. He was obviously trying to lift up themselves. Because of the rude comments indicated toward the student they walked a way hurt very badly. I do not understand why people have to hurt others to make themselves feel better.

This week I noticed a situation just like the one before. Instead of being hurt by the words that were said the boy turned and exclaimed, “I do not care what you think!” When the boy that was being rude heard this he walked away. I think that he had the best attitude for this situation. He just did not care what the other student said. I believe that this is the way that I and everyone else should act when confronted with rude people.

I have also seen many great examples of when people did not care about themselves so much. They tried to lift others up. One student was made fun of by another. They were obviously hurt very badly by what was indicated toward them. One student that did not even know the boy that was hurt walked over and exclaimed a calming response: “Don’t listen to what they said, you are awesome.” Then he walked away, and went back over to his friends. I thought that he was great. Instead of caring about what other people would think about him if he went and talked to the boy,he went any ways.

I wish that I, and everyone else could be like the boy that went and helped. By caring more about our outward appearance to our peers, we are making others feel worse about their self to put our self up. I hope that every person could try to be a example, and care less about themselves. We should all try to be someone who is a friend not someone who tries to make others feel worse. Every day life will be better if we try to be a bit nicer, and care less of our selves.