Daydreaming Medicine

Emily - Pleasant Grove, Utah
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Daydreaming is an addiction of mine. Being able to do and be whatever I want, even if it’s unrealistic, is something I just can’t seem to get away from. I believe that dreams are a way to escape. Though dreams are sometimes a hopeless want, it still eases my mind and gives me a sense of relaxation. Being able to get away from the real world, for even a mere five minutes let’s me feel freedom.

I know for a fact that I can get utterly lost in my own mind. The chance to be the starring role in a Broadway production even if it’s performed for only one audience member, myself, gives me satisfaction. It gives me me time, a place to go when I need a break from homework, or Mr. Anderson’s droning. Most of the time I don’t really mean to give into this addiction. I just sit there, and then I feel the pull from the back of my unknown mind, trying to replace my conscious one. I feel my present state of mind slowly shift, and fade away into just a buzz in the back round, while a new scene takes its place and attention. I am no longer sitting in the hard blue chair of the German classroom, with my hand supporting my head to keep it from slamming into the desk in utter boredom; I am now in my favorite book, being the main character. I am brave and gutsy, with a stubborn, opinionated mouth that gets me into trouble, but I can easily get out of it because I’m amazing. But most importantly, I no longer have the need to bang my head against my desk just to stay awake.

I have a friend who mixes her dreams and her life, and tries to make them into a real situation. Some may call her an avid storyteller, and others may see her as a compulsive liar: me, I’m not sure. I think I hight just call her someone who has a blurry vision of what’s reality and what’s just part of her dreaming mind. I guess that’s the downside of being addicted to daydreams. You lose sight of what’s real, and what you want to be real.

When I finally manage to exit my dream, and enter German again it’s a step back. I find myself placing my head back into my hands, and trying to find where the conversation has gone since I took my little detour throughout my thoughts. Once I find the topic and can focus again, I can always look back and smile on the dream I was just in. It has the power to lift me up and keep me going. It’s weird that such a distraction can deep me on track. Dreams let me have that little freedom I need, that breath of fresh air to keep me motivated. I believe that dreams are a way to escape.