Finding the Good in Everyone

Jennie - Pleasant Grove, Utah
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: addiction

Our world is full of drugs and people who are addicted to them. When we see people who are doing drugs, we often run away from them. We do not stop and try to understand them.

When walking into a store one snowy day at Christmas time, I saw a man smoking a cigarette. He also had an empty pack of them in his hand. He had long hair and a beard that looked greasy and dirty. I quickly got inside the store because I was afraid of him. I turned around to look at him through the window. I was curious what he was going to do. In front of the store there was a man dressed as Santa Claus ringing a bell. Next to him was a pot that people could put money in to give to those less fortunate. The man with the cigarette put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a five dollar bill. He put it in the pot and walked off. When he could have used this money on a new pack of cigarettes, he gave it to others. This surprised me. How could someone like him do something so good?

When we see people who are addicted to drugs, we ignore them. We are afraid of them and we only look at the outside of them. We do not stop and try to see the good in them. We don’t recognize that they have any: We do not want to.

My cousin got into drugs at age eighteen. He moved away from home only called home about once a month. While he was away, his sister had a baby. Around two weeks after the baby was born he came home for a rare visit. His clothes smelled like smoke, he had drugs in his pockets, and he looked miserable. But when he held his new niece, he held her like he was holding an angel. His eyes showed love no one knew he could have. How could someone who is addicted to drugs, and who has such a miserable life, be so loving? How could hands, hands that had done some bad things, be gentle and loving?

I believe there is good in everyone, we just need to recognize it. Instead of running away from people who are taking drugs, we should stay and find their good. We should try and get it out of them. It may be hard to find in some people, but it can be found. We just need to be willing to look for it.