I believe true love is hard to find, but when found it will last a lifetime.

Chelsi - Utah
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

Love is like a four-leaf clover, hard to find but lucky to have. Little girls dream of the day: When their knight in shining armor will come to sweep them off their feet, they become a princess, and live happily ever after. I know i have dreamed of that day. Some people believe that the first person you meet or the person you have dated the longest, is your only love and you will never find anyone else.

My aunt dated one guy all through out high school. She thought it was meant to be and that they would get married. While her boyfriend was on his mission, he sent her a “dear John letter”. It said he had found someone while he was gone. She thought that she would never find true love again.

She started dating again but she never dated the same guy more than twice. Then my uncle came along and she found herself dating him a lot more than she had dated other guy’s. They were always together and she could never say no when he would ask her out. They soon fell in love and are happily married.

When your looking for true love, it may not always go the way you hoped or go exactly like the movies portray it. One day it will find you and you will have no more reasons to be upset with love. Most movies portray these two people that just find each other and it’s instantly fate. That is not always how it works in the reality. You hope that your relationship will turn out to be just like the way you see, but sometimes your hopes may be shot down. I have learned that settling on the first person you see just because you think it’s instantaneously love, is not really love. It’s more of infactuation.

When I was a little girl I use to watch sleeping beauty every single day. I remember going in my room and I would pretend that my prince was going to burst through the door at any given minute and we would live happily ever after. Even though it was just a dream, it seemed possible to me.

Finding love will not always be easy. It will take some emotional and possibly physical pain but it can also make you stronger. No one should give up on love just because you cant find it the first time. True love is hard to find, but when its found it will last a life time. This I believe.