I Believe Impossible Is Nothing

Terry - USA
Entered on March 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“This I Believe”

I believe that impossible is nothing. These days, people will stop at nothing to get what they want. Even if it seems like what they are achieving is impossible. For example; if an underprivileged immigrant from a 3rd world country has what it takes to go to Harvard, but he can’t get there financially. Normally that person would give up. I don’t believe that they should. They can achieve what they want if they really try. As long as they focus on that one thing. As long as they care about that one goal enough, then impossible will be easy.

I live by this statement. The company, Adidas, uses this quote as their motto. This relates really well to sports. Did the Red Sox give up when they were down 3 games to none in the 2004 American League Championship? No. They Pushed through the impossible and went on to win 8 games straight and the World Series. Also, when Boise State had to face Adrian Peterson and Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. Boise State was supposed to get destroyed. However, they knew they could cap one of the greatest comebacks in the history of college football and upset the impossible. Or Texas-Western’s basketball team being the first team to start all 5 black players and win the NCAA Championship. They defied the impossible twice in one shot. They defied segregation and beat Adolf Rupp and his University of Kentucky Wildcats. Finally, when the New York Giants won all of their playoff games on the road and then made one of the most memorable comebacks in the history of sports by defeating the Patriots in the Super Bowl. The perfect story of David and Goliath; where David made impossible easy and beat Goliath. These are all great examples of beating the impossible. And everyone can do the impossible if they really put their mind to it. Just like all of these teams made impossible nothing.

I know of a time where impossible became nothing to me. A few months ago, in a soccer game, my team was playing the returning state champions, New Canaan. Since it was the last game of the season, I came in with the mindset of making this a game to remember. Earlier in the season we had a great comeback to a team that was about the same skill level as us. But this game would be remembered much more. Just as soon as the game started, New Canaan went up 2-0. Right before halftime, a long ball was played into the box. It found its way into the back of the net via one of our player’s heads. 2-1. After that our team knew we could beat the impossible. A quick two goals with 20 minutes left in the game gave us the confidence to finish of our opponents 4-2. We had taken impossible, rolled it into a ball, and punted it into the ocean.

Defying the impossible is something everyone in the world can achieve. As long as they put all of their guts into what they really want, and focus on reaching that one goal. Whether you are attempting to break some record or do something no one has ever done before. Or even defy all of the odds put against you. The odds don’t matter. What other people say doesn’t matter. It comes down to what you are willing to do to reach your goal and how far you are willing to go to make impossible nothing. Because, impossible is nothing.