Everything Happens for a Reason

Holger - Miami, Florida
Entered on March 26, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in destiny. I believe that everything in life happens for a reason and

my path in life is not arbitrary.

For the last years of my life I was really unhappy with my whole life

situation. I ended up being 25 years old, a lazy German guy who lived out of his

parents pockets. Although I was still enrolled in school at RWTH-Aachen

University, instead I preferred to just live in the day, wasting my afternoons with

my criminal friends, who were of course a bad influence in my life, and partied

every other night.

The only times that I was able to sleep, were when I came home from clubs

drunk. Usually depressions and the search for a sense in my life kept me awake

until 5 am in the morning. I was really lost and did not like to see my parents

worry about me and my future. On the other hand I did not have the strength to

help myself out of my situation, and I did not accept any advice from people who

tried to help me.

Then one day when I drove a friend to the airport, the idea of making a trip to

Miami came like a flash of lightning into my brain. I still have no idea why Miami

of all the other, closer places I could have gone to. I never thought about spending

my vacation in Florida, and at no time in my life did I have the wish to cross the

Atlantic Ocean and to tan at the sunny beaches of South Miami Beach.

But now I had this indescribable force in me that did not let me think of

anything else than to finally fly to Miami. I could not wait any second longer to

book, I had already lost all my patients. I was excited like a little child before it

gets to open its Christmas presents.

After I finally arrived at South Miami Beach, I fell in love with that City right

away. My time over here was an eye opening experience that showed me that

everything I did during the last couple of years was just a waste of time. Here I

could see how hard work and success pays off , when I saw all those expensive

mansions, cars, and yachts.

This experience ultimately gave me the strength and the will to change my life.

Today, only about sixteen months later, I am student at Florida International

University. It was destiny that lead me out of my crisis, and it was destiny that

saved me before I would have made more inexcusable mistakes.

My future is unpredictable. People may call such occasions coincidence or

even God’s will. I call it destiny, because I could have gone to any other place on

earth, but instead I ended up in Miami, where a one week trip turned into a

continuing of my academic career.