Have Respect

Emily - 06825, Connecticut
Entered on March 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: respect

It is my belief that respect is an important part of everyday life. Lack of respect causes problems in many areas of life. It affects every area of life. Disrespect shows up in many different ways, and all of them are negative. Respect and tolerance encourage kindness, compassion and peace.

Respect is important regardless of age, religion, economic status or color. If respect were a first priority with governments, there would be a lot less war and fighting. Much of that is from lack of respect of other’s property, religion, and beliefs.

One a level closer to me, respect is an important part of family life, friendships, and school relationships. Lack of respect can turn an insecure teenager in an angry and confused adult. Lack of respect to teachers and authority can affect a future academic career. Lack of respect in a family can be disastrous to long term important relationships.

A particular incident of disrespect involved my sister. In middle school, she was treated with disrespect regarding her beliefs, religion, and property. Around the Christmas holiday, a boy in her class called her “a Christ killer”. This resumed for a week or so, until she reported it. He called her “Jew girl,” and he drew crosses and swastikas on her notebook. This violation upset our family and the school. Until that time, I was always upbeat and excited about being Jewish. Our holidays were festive, and filled with family, food and fun. Our culture was exciting, and I never had fears until this incident. This lack of respect for our tradition and religion affected our family a lot. We never imagined in a middle school that we would encounter such disrespect and bigotry.

To be treated with respect, it is important to give respect. Respect is hand-in-hand with consideration. It is important to always consider others feelings, beliefs, and property.

If everyone in the world gave a little more thought, consideration, and respect to others- we would all be much better off.