I Believe in Embracing Change and Moving Forward with Strength

Sarah - Franklin, Indiana
Entered on March 26, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

When I am at home, I can be myself. I can relax, kick back and be comfortable. When I moved, my environment changed; my new home was still home, but it was different. I find different difficult. Change is not always easy, and sometimes it can be downright tough, but I was ready for the journey ahead.

When I moved to Franklin to go to college, I had no idea what was in store for me in this new environment. I was overjoyed and excited for the change, but in the back of my mind, I was absolutely terrified. I had no idea who my friends were going to be or what I would study when I got to Franklin College. I enjoyed the change of scenery, and I met new people, all while having a great time! I knew when I came to Franklin that I made an excellent decision because I felt welcome and wanted here.

People actually cared about me. I was someone special enough to get extra attention and personal help with learning and with my life. The professors wanted to make sure that I got the best education, and the staff wanted to make sure that I had everything I needed to get that education.

Even though professors and staff were all there to help me, I had to make a few mistakes on my own. Learning from my own mistakes made the lessons more personal, and I embraced each change. I enjoyed my new freedom, but I may have enjoyed it a little too much. It got me in a little bit of trouble, but I seemed to find my way back to the right path. Along my journey, I have experienced trials, heartbreak and even some disaster. But with every lesson learned, I grew and changed into the person who I am today. I continue to change and develop, but I think learning is a continual process. This process for me is not always easy.

Sure, I have hit a few bumps along the way – some friendships were lost and a test or two was failed– but I made it through. Instead of seeing those as obstacles, I embraced those bumps as positive lessons for moving forward. After all, setbacks are God’s way of setting us up for something better. Learning new things is not always easy, but moving forward is a step in the right direction.

I believe in embracing change and moving forward with strength. Being able to adapt to change is an important part of moving through the different stages of life. Change can be extremely difficult, but being open to it can help make life a little more fun and a lot more enjoyable. The future is like an open road with bumps and curves ahead. Moving forward with strength and a positive attitude allows me to overcome the bumps and curves and explore what is to come.