I believe I should appreciate my parents

Araceli - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on March 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe that I should appreciate my parents, for the sacrifices they make every day for me. I should appreciate the efforts they take to make me happy and the ways they show me they care about me like forbidding me something or keeping me from hanging out with someone they know is bad for me. I will always be their baby even though I don’t always like it.

When I go out, they want to know everything about the person I am with and if they are a good influence on me. They want responsible people around me. They believe that if I hang around with irresponsible teenagers I will become like them. I asked my mother if she was proud of the person that I was becoming to which her answer was “Yes”. She thinks she has taught me good values. She wants me to always remember to make wise choices. She believes my decisions will determine the person I really am. She thinks that what she has taught me has given me good moral values.

Two of her most important values are respect for others and patience, which she thinks are important if you want a family of your own. She thinks a person should be humble. When I ask her if she thought I was responsible she told me that I was kind of responsible but I need it to learn a lot more to be responsible. I am an honest person and if have something to say, I go ahead and say it. She told me it is very important to be trustworthy.

If I make a wise choice I will listen to advice and risk learning from mistakes. It is also very important to listen and be open-minded. My mom has a big influence on me. I listen to her and what she has to say because I think she is a very wise woman and I like to listen to her when she talks to me. I believe that listening to my mother has made me a better person and one day I would like to make my children better people. I hope to be like my mother one day and teach my kids everything she has taught me. I believe in appreciating my parents. This I believe.