Entered on March 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: immigrant


There are things you don’t know about me for example if am sad, happy, dying from the inside to tell you what just happened to me. My life has been changed since the first day I came to the United States. My life in Mexico was about having fun and being who I wanted to be. Yes, I had fun, but I also saw a lot of suffering. In Mexico, the government does not tell you that you cannot hit your kids, if you hit them it’s your problem. In my house there was only one boss and that was my mother because my father lived here in Phoenix. He gave us money but my mother didn’t use it unless it was for something we really needed like food, clothing, and bills. There was no good life in Mexico. I would always be messing around with toys and playing soccer with the guys that lived in front of my house. There were a lot of problems between them and I, but I didn’t care. I would still play and my mother would get mad at me, but I didn’t care I was a little girl.

My father wanted us to come with him to Phoenix but my mother was always scared that something was going to happen to us. One day she called my father and told him to come for us so we can come and lived with him right here in Phoenix AZ.

On June 23, 2000, my father and my sister’s god mother and father brought us to the U.S. with false documentation. We were undocumented and they had 3 kids, we came with false evidence. My mother and older sister came walking. My older sister and my mother came the next day because something happened to my mother and they had to take her to the hospital because she was sick. My mother escaped from the hospital because my father was outside waiting for her and my sister. The day they got here we were all very happy and we lived with my sister in a trailer.

When living there was difficult because my sister had a refrigerator in her room and they always put everything that we brought from the store. One day my sister hit me with a comb and my mother and her got in a fight. After that we looked for an apartment. After a day of looking for a place to live, we found it. We took all of our things. We did not have beds to sleep in. It was really uncomfortable but we were happy. From there my father looked for a better work and he found it. He bought a truck and we were happy. In 2004, my dad borrowed money from the bank and decided to go to immigration so we can get our green card. In December 2004 we got it and we moved from a simple apartment to a beautiful house. Now we are happy with what we have.