I Know

shirley - lubbock, Texas
Entered on March 26, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

Due to events in my life , I know that there is God and He is real. When you come to KNOW him you don’t have to have proof. If needed to try to explain to others your beliefs I have these two experences in my life that have proven His existance. In 1957, hurricane Audrey hit the coast of Louisiana and my best friends grandmother was never found and her house was completely pushed away by a tidal wave. When the public was allowed in to Holley Beach , my family was asked to go for support. Finding her lot was very difficult,due to the fact that everything had changed due to the hurricane. We located the fondation of her house and climbed over in to what was her home. Nothing there but dirt and debree. No refrigerator, no bathtub, nothing. While standing there in disbelief we heard a rustling noise on the side of the cement. My mother walked over and could not believe her eyes. There, as if someone had just bought it and laid it there, was her family BIBLE. Many years of writing in it in ink NOT harmed by the water. No mud, that covered everything else,was on the Bible. Now let me tell you the rest of the story. Walking into the backyard, or what used to be the back yard, against a huge old live oak that had been pushed over, was what was left of her old Singer sewing machine. The wood on the machine was warped, three of the four drawers were gone. Hoping to find another keepsake of his mothers,scissors or thimble, the remaining drawer was pried open. It was full of book markers. Each had a Bible verse printed on it. ” MY WORD WILL NOT BE DESTROYED” said the Lord. Next, In in 1988, My daughter was expecting our first grandchild and I had accompanied her to her SPECIALiST, and was called in to the examining room due to a problem. There were two of the doctors in the room and both were very concerned over her Sonogram. They showed me the huge cyst that had formed on her ovary and told me they would admit her into the hospital and remove it first thing the next morning. I asked what the surgery would do to the baby and they told me that was the next problem. Showing me the heart beat of the baby in the tube, they explained to me that he was tubal and would not make it anyway. After checking her into the hospital, I went to break the bad news to my son-in-law, all the time praying,crying, and singing, He’s got the little bitty babies in His hands. My first call was to the Dad and then to my best friend,who informed me not to worry, that she would get a prayer chain going. After surgery, the doctors came out and said that our daughter was fine and that something happened that they could not explain. It seemed that the baby had somehow moved from the tube and was fine. He is twenty years old now and our Miracle. Those are only two of the works of God that I have seen. I hope others will get to know Him , too. May God bless all who read this.