I Believe in Hard Work

Ted - Rancho Santa Fe, California
Entered on March 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
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This, I believe

I believe in hard work. J

As a young boy, my dad lived in downtown Pittsburg. J Because he was a good student, he was accepted into the prestigious boarding school, Hotchkiss. J In that school all he did was work. Everyday after his school hours he practiced in mandatory sports until it was dark out and after that he had 3 hours of homework. J On the weekends he went to school for half of a day on Saturday and on his only free day of the week (Sunday) he had 6 hours of homework. He told me that after a year there, hard work was a way of life.

When he finally graduated from all of his schooling including business school at Weslyan, he got a job at HBO. J Apparently his hard working way of life stuck with him as he climbed to the top of his company’s business. He had come all the way from a kid in downtown Pittsburg to that.J When I am about to not do my homework because it is really boring I remember what my dad told me and I do it. J

People like Brett Favre have worked all their life and look at him now, he is the leader of NFL pass yards at age 39. J Chris Gardner, the author of The Pursuit of Happiness went from a homeless man to a very successful stockbroker. He achieved this goal by nonstop work. J Both these people had strong work ethics and perseverance.

Even though our country was founded on the principle of hard work, (i.e. The American Dream), hard work these days in America is very rare. J Everywhere I look, I see people on the streets and unemployed. If everyone had a mentality more like Chris Gardner or Brett Favre this country would be stronger. J

One day I hope I can go to Columbia Business school and get a well-paying job in New York City and there is only one way to achieve MY American dream, hard work.

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