This I Believe

Melannie - Phoenix 85015, Arizona
Entered on March 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that losing someone you love makes you stronger and powerful. When I was 10 years old my dad passed away from a horrible disease called AIDS. I was not mature enough to comprehend what was going on. I was sad, I knew I would never see my dad again for the rest of my life but it was not such a big deal for me. All the pain I felt after realizing that my dad was gone and the reason why he had died was extremely overwhelming. As time passed by and I got older, I started to miss my dad more than ever. Now that I am 17 years old and in my last months of high school I wish my dad was here with me telling me what to do next. Sometimes I feel like I’m alone in the world because my own family does not believe in me. My family thinks that I am not going to finish high school and graduate because I don’t have a father to guide me. That makes me so angry and I promised my dad I would graduate from high school and college and become someone in life.

I want to prove my family wrong. I want to show them that

I can do it. Even if my dad is not here with me physically, he is in my heart. I believe losing my dad made me stronger and that he is the main reason I keep trying my best to be successful. I know my dad is proud of what I am doing and of who I am. All the things that were said about my brother and me now just make me laugh. Because of my dad’s death, I’m a strong young woman who’s family doubted and who’s on her way to college to become someone successful in life.

I understand that bad and hurtful things need to happen so that we can learn how strong and independent we are. At first it hurts and you cry like a baby but then you realize that life has to continue and that the only thing you can do is try your best and not give up.