Keeping in Touch

Earline - Tallahassee, Florida
Entered on March 26, 2008
Age Group: 65+
Themes: family

I believe keeping in touch is the most satisfying, rewarding, and beneficial thing in my life. I am 87 years old now and that is true now, but looking back over my life it may have been true most of my life.

I left home after graduating from High Schol in 1938 and went to live with an Aunt and Uncle in Tenn. for a year. My boy friend, Archie Clemins kept in touch by mail and even brought my mother and sister to see me one time while I was there. He even sent me a small diamond engagement ring by mail. I went back to Illinois and lived in Pinkneyville for a few months and he stayed in touch by driving about 40 miles to see me a few times. Now in 1939, that was a big deal and may have cost hime more than he had.

When we got married in Jan of 1940, we lived in Mt. Vernon 10-15 miles from our parents. We kept in touch by going to see them every Sunday. They were not able to come and see us, but gave us meat and vegetables that helped us live with only a small income even if were both working. Then came World War II. Archie vounteered. We kept in touch by writing every day even thought I didn’t always geth is letters every day.After I had Archie Ray, I went back to live with my parents on the farm both because I needed financial help and they needed physical help. Visiting and traveling were very limited because of rationing. I was able with their help to Keep in Touch with relatives that were in similar circumstances.

After the War when Archie returned, we moved back to Mt. Vernon, Archie worked long hours, and we had a daughter, Sherry in 1947. My parents were able to Keep in Touch then by coming to see us and bring other relatives. Our life style was great for several years with lots of friends from church and family coming to see us They weee devasted when Archie decided to change jobs and move to Urbana,

From Urbana we kept in Touch by driving to see them frequently and tseveral of the family came to see us one time a year. Phone calls were only made to inform us of sickness or death and that we were needed.

We kept in touch by going. It never entered my mind not to go. This pattern continued as long as either of our parents were living and when other relatives needed us.

After Archie Ray and Sherry left home we stayed in Touch by mail. I may have forgotten to write one week and heard from Archie Ray, “Mom remember I am your son”. I still treasure a one line meassage from him now telling me were he is. I left friends in Urbana after my husband, Archie had Dementia and needed medical help and came to a Retirement Village in Tallahassee. By that time he didn’t know that I was his wife and I am in a new state, a new community, and need to Keep in touch with my family and friends.

Archie Ray has insisted that I learn and have a coputer to keep me occupied and in Touch with them all over the World. Just this afternoon my daughter, Sherry has called on SKYPE and we have have had a Video Chat. She even ask me the color of outfit I had on and I showed her. My Great Grandson can also keep in touch over Skye and at two I can hear hims say Tallahassee and Grandma Earline.

I don’t worry about tomorrow or what the future may bring for my family. I am Happy that they are willing to make my Day by Keeping in Touch with current happenings. and hope my Keeping Touch is also meaningful to those I call or write.