jerry - baltimore, Maryland
Entered on March 26, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

AS an naturally born mathematician and

scientist I find my self relecting on why I

was born with this rare vision to initiate into society extreme levels of mathematics.

THE universe must thought I was special to give me such unconventional skills to literally elevate the numeral and zero system which allow for deepest levels of

mathematics,physics,space data, atomic data and data communbications.

THE love I have for mathematics is deeply

rooted in the insight and vision that born

within me from that universal force that

is responsible for my being. THE scientific

arena refuse to understand this kind of special relationship that the universe can

have with just an human being. THIS kind of natural skill given to me at birth is the

form supremacy in mathematics that only can stem from rare vision provided by the universe, not traditional college.STILL

systematic opportunity to expose this rare

ability to the science world is being denied.

THIS kind of love for mathematics and physics have a reallistic bond with the universe that can validate the reason for

instilling such an vision within me which is

brought out in mathematical supremacy.

THE supremacy is in the superior levels over what is standard mainstream use in

mathematic and physics which only the universe can produce within me. THE love

of mathematics is a universal installment born to an individual such as I.