Bad Parenting

Hayley - Rancho Santa Fe, California
Entered on March 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: parenthood

I believe that bad parenting can ruin a child’s life.

Through my whole life I have experienced bad parenting. Whether its parents acting like best friends and childish or parents ignoring their children completely.

I am not saying my parents are bad. My dad moved out when I was in kindergarten and comes down once a week to see us. He lives in Los Angeles and is the general manager of the Bel Air Bay Club. We get to go to his house about three times a year. My mom is a single mother and works really hard to give us a good life. She leaves early in the morning and leaves late at night. I am thankful that she tries so hard to make us happy.

In the beginning of the school year my friend and I got in a fight. Her mother called and scared me to death yelling at me. I wanted to tell her to shut up and start being a real parent. It is obvious that she is not. She tries so hard to make her daughter famous so she can get the money I don’t think she has.

One of my friends that lives far away has spilt up parents. She goes with her dad every other week. Her mom is very nice but her dad is a drunk. He has tattoos all over his arms. Last time I went to see her he got so drunk it scared me. He was drunk before we even went to dinner. When we got to the restaurant he went right to the bar. When we were eating his friend was telling me jokes about him. I was laughing so hard and he knew the jokes were about him. He threatened to make us sleep outside and he was serious. When we left he was tripping over everything. My friend was so embarrassed.

My mom told me about an essay that Jessica Alba wrote. She said when she was in school she was made fun of for being Hispanic. Not only did the kids make fun of her but that parents did too. The kids were being mean to her because they thought they could since their parents were.

I feel bad for kids with bad parents. Hopefully someday when they are grown up they will remember not to be like them.