Global Warming

Brendan - 92067, California
Entered on March 25, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: environment

Brendan Kaiser

Period 4.

Monday, March 17. 2008

I believe in Global Warming.

Why watch our plant turn in to one massive piece of trash when you have the option of saving it?

Global Warming is something that lots of people don’t believe in. I’m sorry all of you hard-core right wing conservatives that don’t believe in global warming but the facts are there and it is happening. Well unless thousands of scientists and tons of technology isn’t enough for you.

Our climate has been changing rapidly like never before. Scientists project temperatures to rise over eleven and a half degrees over this century. This will cause ice caps to melt such as the North Pole and eventually turn low-lying areas such as South Florida into ocean.

You understand that we are the ones that are have going to deal with this issue and live with it. Global Warming will also creates more swamp lands which would cause the spread of malaria to the United States along with many other deadly diseases.

This will be a blow to the economy also. If tourist destinations and huge economic cities such as Miami, New Orleans, and the San Francisco Bay Area are under water our economy will suffer dramatically.

With this said, I should also depletion. Exhaust fumes and many other spray chemicals like spray paint cause this. Basically what this will do is cause the sunlight to become deadlier. The results of this will be more cases of skin cancer, damage to farm crops, and melting ice caps.

I don’t want to see Miami underwater and people vacationing in Alaska in t-shirts and shorts.