I Believe in Letting My Dog Walk Me

Alisha - San Deigo, California
Entered on March 25, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in letting my dog walk me.

Dedle wags her tail endlessly as she literally drags me behind her on the trails, when I ‘m lucky she gives me a brake and stops her frolicking to sniff a horse or lick one of the neighbors behinds before she takes off again to chase a bird. Dedle makes more friends in one day than I do in a year.

She never lets a bad hair day stop her from an afternoon walk on the trails. She doesn’t let drooly lips stop her from licking somones face. She doesn’t let dirty paws keep her from jumping on my bed. Nothing comes between Dedle and a perfect day. This we can all learn from.

When I think about my dogless friends I wonder how they will learn these critical life lessons that Dedle has taught me. How they function with out a loyal lick on the face. One morning my slobbery friend almost didn’t come through for me. Dedle had eaten some rat poison. The world stopped spinning as she collapsed on the hospital floor not even making it out of the lobby. Doctors were looking worried. I finally realized how miserable life would be without my companion my buddy my mentor. My heart began to beat again as soon as Dedle was back and ready for her next walk.

Dedle’s enthusiasm not only pulls me through every mud puddle on the trail but through life. I learn more life lessons from my dog then I have in all eight years that I have of school. No amount of salami could ever be enough to thank her.

I believe dogs can teach you so much with a simple walk on the trails. I watch Dedle greet the neighbors I never once talked to. I watch her play with the horses that I never knew existed. Dedle shows me so much more then the tennis ball she has found or the stick that she is so proud of, she shows me the joy of life.