This I believe in taking Risks

Lauren - 94611, California
Entered on March 25, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I Believe Essay

I believe in taking risks. The adrenaline pumping through my system when I do something out of the ordinary is like a mental and physical rush of excitement. The exhilaration that takes control of your body is like no other ordinary feeling. It is a higher physical emotion. The adrenaline flowing throughout my system makes my heart and mind race in anticipation of possible consequences. For me, risk taking is being able to conquer my fears, no matter what the circumstance. It is like a coin toss, I never know what side the coin will land on, just as I am unsure of the outcome of the risk. I believe that everything can be a risk, like walking across the street, like climbing the highest mountain, like engaging in a competitive sport, like betting on horses, like asking someone on a date and hoping they do not say no and like meeting new people.

I believe without the thrill of taking some risks, life would be dull and dreary and with very little excitement. Everyone needs to take risks in their lives, some may be good and others may be bad. Good judgment is a guide that I strive to apply in my daily activities.

When I am on the soccer field as a defender, I consider, should I risk injuring myself or should I let my opponent go by. Each time I think to myself, I would rather risk an injury for the thrill of being able to go on the attack with my opponent, in hope of getting possession of the ball.

I believe in taking a risk that puts me in a vulnerable position. I am someone who overcomes my fears by being courageous and fearless. I am someone that will take a risk, even if I might fail, instead of always wondering what the outcome could have been. For an example, my soccer team tied our championship game and we had to take penalty kicks to see who would win and take the first place medal. The first five line up, I am the sixth, just in case we had to shoot for a sudden death win. My penalty kicks tend go to high and to the right of the goal. My anticipation builds as the score remains tied, after the second, third and fourth penalty kick. Unfortunately, after the fifth kick, the game was still tied. It was my turn to shoot; my mind and heart were racing. I was sweating as the ball slipped out of my hands onto the penalty spot.

I knew everyone was counting on me. My coach offered to let me off the hook if it was too much pressure; I replied with enthusiasm that he would have to kill me. I was the coin caller; I could either win the game or lose the game for my team. This was my chance to prove that I could make my shot. I took two slow steps back and the whistle blew. I anxiously stepped to the ball, planted my left foot, and swung my right leg with as much force as I could. I closed my eyes because I knew that it would go too far to the right of the goal. It was only when my team tackled me to the ground; I had opened my eyes realizing that I had won the championship for my team. I kicked a perfect shot right into the side netting. We had won the game. If I had not had the courage to take the risk, I would never had known what the outcome could have been.

I believe that no matter how much pressure or fear I experience, I will always take a risk. Yes, I could fail and I sometimes do, but without taking the risk, I would not know how successful the result would be. It is the result of the risk, either positive or negative, which really matters. I believe in taking risks.