I believe in Self-confidence

Alexa - 92067, California
Entered on March 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: courage

I believe in self- confidence

I am a strong believer in self- confidence. It’s a great trait to have as you portray yourself to others and a strength that many long to build. Self-confidence is like glass, it can be easily shattered.

However, there was one time where I did fall short of this little philosophy. I was on top of the world, going to this acting agency and trying out for my favorite show. When I walked in and saw a million girls with plastered Covergirl faces.

Almost so fake, but yet so airbrushed it made me a little bit intimidated.

My eyes weren’t shimmery like theirs

My teeth weren’t a blinding color white like theirs

Out of all these girls would they even notice me? I thought.

The wait was longer than I could bear. Five hours. Five hours of wishing, waiting, and hoping for my chance to shine.

I was so excited to come to this agency that I forgot to eat breakfast. I waited a little while but later when I couldn’t take it anymore, I begged my dad to go and get me something to drink.

Of coarse it was a half-hour later, but the Jamba Juice tasted better than ever. Except for the fact that I spilled it all over my new jeans, and somebody just called me in to read a commercial. Oh my gosh, my pants are covered in smoothie! It looks like a peed my pants! I thought as my mom and dad were hysterically laughing. Not knowing how embarrassed I actually felt.

What is people saw, and thought I was so nervous I peed? I looked around in terror to see if anybody was staring. Turns out the lady calling me into the audition room was snickering. My cheeks flushed with red.

I grabbed a ton of paper towels, dabbed my pants, and scrambled into the audition room. This was my moment to shine, and nothing could take that away from me.

Actually, that wasn’t true. There was a spotlight shining in my eyes that whole time it was hard to look straight into, and I could see my face on the camera screen.

Did I mention that every person that could be deciding my future was staring at me, waiting for something to come out?

“ Okay, who is the girl that spilled smoothie on her pants?” the lady that was behind the camera said, as she smiled sweetly.

A let out a little laugh and confessed. My self- confidence was shut down a little that day because of all the competition that I didn’t think I could do it, and all the people that were looking at me. Once I was in that room I felt so comfortable and flawless, and read my best and that’s I anybody could ask for.

Even though I was nervous, I powered through it and I’m so happy about what I accomplished that day.

Next time you feel like your in the spotlight, look beyond the cameras and deliver everything you have. It’s called self-confidence and everybody has it. It just depends on how you use it.