I believe in knowing beyond people’s knowledge

Hannah - 92067, California
Entered on March 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: integrity

I believe in knowing beyond people’s knowledge.

My aunt thinks I’m way smarter than all of her other, older employees. She always calls me up, begging, that I will work for her at my grandparents stand in La Costa. So I don’t turn her down. There I work, on the cash register, and bagging up the costumer’s items, sometimes with no help at all.

When was I recently there, working, on a busy, yet very nice day, a costumer walked in and I could tell she wasn’t enjoying the weather. After she gathered up all of her groceries, I rung her up and bagged her items, but she demanded for a receipt. Usually we don’t hand our receipts unless the costumer asks, and usually the unsure ones ask, thinking the worker, in that case me, made a mistake.

The down woman questioned me on the items I cashed on the register. As she asked, I could feel many eyes inspecting our conversation, as if they were a part of it. She thought I had charged her more because I was many years younger than all of the other employees that were working. She asked me about all of the prices that were on her receipt, and then would check to see if I was right.

I do make mistakes. Sometimes I type too many numbers on the cash register, and the total comes out to be $2,000; something crazy like that! Although, this time there were no errors, and the total was just what it was supposed to be.

About 20 minutes later, after the disappointing woman left, she walked in again with an even madder look on her face! She fought with me over the fruits and vegetables I rung up.

“What is this?”

“Those are the oranges you bought ma’am.”

“What is that?”

“Ma’am those were the tomatoes.”

After asking about every price that was on the receipt, she finally left with no extra cash in her pocket. She realized that she was wrong after many attempts. I believe in not being put down on a I believe in knowing beyond people’s knowledge, and then am believed by them.