Snapshot: Yosemite

Charlie - Piedmont, California
Entered on March 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Have you ever just sat in the cold, uncomfortable weather and had the time of your life? I could smell the big redwood trees surrounding California’s big back yard. It was a chilly day in November, the sky was blue, there were brown, dirty leaves covering the gray sandy trail. My family’s bikes were lined up from biggest to smallest along the mountainous terrain. When we got to our destination, the most enormous resort in the valley was right in front of my eyes. Its brown shackled design made the 100 year old hotel look like a dream come true get-a-way vacation spot for two. You know everything is just right when a family is as jolly and excited as my family was the week we were in Yosemite.

As we sat there in silence, we could hear the birds chirping in the trees around us. It felt like a zoo with the amount of wild animals around us. The green eating deer were in a patch of grass chomping away at all the plants that had no ice on them. It was hard not to smile, knowing how wonderful this place is, as any family feels in Yosemite. This is one of the rare moments my family has now, where everyone is there and in a good frame of mind. My usually moody sister was not complaining about how someone was picking on her or my mom telling us brothers to stop fighting. There was nothing worth complaining about at the moment and this is what made this such a positive photo.

I wandered what it is like for other families; do they have moments where nothing can go wrong? I believe that this is how most families feel when with their families. This type of scene shows how someone can be heartfelt and excepted by someone. Before the photo was taken we had to wait for the perfect moment. The world famous rock called Half Dome had been blocking the sun’s rays all morning, leaving an insufficient amount of sunlight to take a photo. As the sun was getting brighter, so was my family. Our heads were up high with a cheerful attitude. “This is my family, I couldn’t ask for a better family,” I kept thinking to myself. There was nothing that will ever ruin my family, the Sweeney family of 6. I was looking beyond the photographer and saw all the smiling faces of couples walking by, I knew then and there that I am apart of a loving, caring, and well liked family. Our faces said it all.