I Believe in Being Strong

Sean - Rancho Santa Fe, California
Entered on March 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in being strong.

Being strong in both mind and body is good, because if you were only strong in the body, then you wouldn’t be wise. Being strong in both ways lets you be clever and physical which would mean that you could be able to get past a problem without violence and you could overcome any type of difficulty.

I would consider myself both, but not at the best, because there’s still a long way to go and I have a lot of years to professionalize my being, so you couldn’t judge someone today, until you’ve seen what they will become tomorrow.

When I was in my old school, I wasn’t really bright so to say and people could trick me easily, and I wasn’t the strongest person there, so I wasn’t strong either way. I was teased a lot and picked on, because of it. I tried very hard to change that and so I did. I started doing a lot of sports such as football and basketball to help bring up my body strength, but I also started to go harder on people that tried to make fun of me. Over the summer of my 3rd grade, I tried to think of things that would raise my social class and I remembered that the people that were mean to me watched MTV. Thinking of a way to fit in, I tried to become cool by starting to watch shows such as MTV and all of those. To my surprise, it really helped me make my mind strong against the people that tried to outsmart me with current music and “hip” things.

At the beginning of 4th grade, the same boys tried to pick on me, but because all the sports I played and the knowledge I gained, they started respecting me much more.

My point in knowledge, is knowledge of current things, but it isn’t good to only have a strong mind about things such as trying to be cool by watching MTV and those other shows, but it is also good to have a strong mind like being wise…

Some people would think that if you were only physically strong or weak, then you are dull, because if you’re vulnerable, you could have problems, but if you’re strong, then you would be like a thug.

I disagree with both, because believing in strength of body and mind wouldn’t be on how you look on the outside (unless you’re strong), but how you think. You could go up to an old and skinny man and think they’re all weakness, but they could be very wise indeed and know things that you probably never would’ve in your life.

I believe in being strong, but now how you look on the outside, but what you are on the inside or the strength you have. Strength in mind and body gives you the ability to take advantage of almost anything if you use it “wisely”.