Culture, a source of success in life.

Paul - Dallas, Texas
Entered on March 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Culture, cultura, culture. English, Spanish and French, those are the languages I speak. Dallas, Monterrey, Paris, these are the cities I’ve lived in. I am now trilingual.

A newcomer in a country would not be able to get any food, basic needs, company, etc, without knowing the spoken language. And so, when I move to Monterrey, I was the only extrangero in my school and the first few weeks wre full of frustration. I could not ask a compañero anything, or, because I was in a Catholic school, get my prayers right. Everyone would try and talk to me but would soon give up because the conversation would go nowhere. But after six months of practical isolation except fo my family and very patient amigos , I was bilingual. Four months later, people said I spoke as a local and I was now hanging out with the raza,

With this new tool of language in this new country I could now ask my muchacha, which is maid in Spanish, for my favorite arroz con pollo that she made so well, or I could even ask a girl out to the movies and understand the actual movie!

When one lives in a country, he will experience everything about it, from the food, to the customs and traditions. One will understand the pain a Mexican feels when a great personality dies, or the thrill when a famous Mexican achieves something great in this world, like Carlos Slim, the richest man in the world.

Living in a foreign country is not always easy and pleasant at first, but it is all worth while after you discover the beauties and marvels that it brings you. You learn the language and will gain a lot more than just having the accent.

One will be part of the Mexican people and the Mexican people will be a part of him. One will live with what he has learned in this country and use it the rest of his life, and pass it along to your grandchildren, “si Dios quiere”, as they say in Mexico when talking about the future.