To Give is to Receive

Lorraine - Foxboro, Massachusetts
Entered on March 23, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in helping others with no strings attached, simply for the sake of assisting. I believe in helping others through acts of kindness, which come straight from the heart rather than from the wallet.

I believe that giving enriches the soul and gives perspective in a reality check type of way. I believe that giving is greater than receiving.

I once met a 4 year-old boy with leukemia. For confidentiality sake, I will call him Jordan. Jordan was one of the kids that I worked with as a wish granter for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. He was a beautiful child with a bright smile and joyful personality. When I asked Jordan what he wished for, he said that he wanted to go to summer camp for a week.

Now, I had been doing this for a while, and most kids wished for a trip to Disney World, a computer to play video games and do homework, a meeting with a sports hero or celebrity, and they got those wishes. But summer camp? – to me summer camp was a given, simply a joy of summer.

When I asked Jordan, what else he wished for, he said, “that’s all”. All he wanted was to go to summer camp. I thought surely there is something else this precious little boy wants. I mean would he like to meet Mickey Mouse, Roger Clemens, Sesame Street…no, just summer camp.

So, I asked, why do you want to go to summer camp? Jordan’s answer was, “because my best friend Gary is going.” That was it. Nothing more – nothing less – the most beautiful answer in the whole wide world. The simple joy of summer was a cherished friendship.

It was the easiest of all wishes that I granted and it was the best wish of all. The one that stays with my heart.

Some people will say that giving is truly better than receiving, but I would say that to give is to receive.