Our existence depends on our intention

Randy - Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Entered on March 23, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

When people cry it can be a dichotomy. Usually pain, suffering or disappointment is the main culprit. Occasionally adulation, contentment or fulfillment produces tears. Whether your world is torn apart or a miraculous event appears, weeping is not just for babies!

There exists a fine line between heartbreak and success. In this gray area between black and white, a microsecond can determine an outcome. Imagine the devil on one side and an angel opposite. Is the glass half full or half empty? Finite degrees can separate liquid from solid or gas. If it comes down to science and logic, vs. a gut feeling, which is right?

You heard the phrase; you are a product of your environment. Who has the ability to raise the bar and set a new standard? If we are to become more civilized and productive, we need to vehemently showcase responsibility, honor and righteousness!

How do we build trust, integrity and character? Through the leadership of example, the basic foundation of principle! The only way to show the way is through the media. In the newspaper headlines, the lead story of newscasts on television, radio and the internet. In film making, sermons, school assemblies and tantamount, right at home with dialogue between parents and children.

It’s slowly taking shape all around you. Feel good stories are pushing “the negative” where it belongs! This is what I believe, if you pay astute attention and get on this bandwagon, you too will share the joy more often of reaching for a tissue for the right reasons.

Society has finally wised up to the dangers of smoking, to saving our planet, etc… as the never ending battle of right and wrong is waged, remember love will always conquer hate! The truth remains undeniable.