No Good From Regret

Jordan - Bend, Oregon
Entered on March 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

This I Believe

For all my life I have wondered. I have wondered if I shouldn’t have said some things to my family, or if I should have swung at the pitch rather than watching it fly by. I wonder if I should tell my brother and sister how much I really do miss them now that they are at college. I feel as if this is how I have spent too much time in my life: in wonder…in regret. I have learned, especially this past year, that what happens happens. You can’t stop it. I believe that no good can come from regret.

I figured out this year that if you lived in the past and thought about what you did wrong, rather than what you will do the next time, it tends to make you feel worse. I sat at the end of a baseball game and just thought about how much I really wish I hadn’t watched a pitch go by. It drove me insane. And I realize that if I just had the mind set that I would do better the next time, I would have been happier.

I haven’t had any life changing regrets, and I can’t imagine what it’s like for those that have. I hope never to regret something big in my life. One thing that really helps me to not regret anything is other people’s regret. I have learned to listen more to what people haven’t tried, not what they have. If I listen to someone and they say they passed up a chance, I learn to not make the same mistake. Or if someone says that they wished they had tried something, and I’ve always wondered the same thing, I learn from their mistake and go and try it. I believe that life hands you many opportunities, and if you sit back and watch them happen but don’t try to make them happen yourself, then you will learn to regret.

I have been trying to fix this about myself throughout this year. I feel as if I wondered what could have happened too much. I have learned that if you learn to regret, then you become not the person you could become. If you learn to not regret then you will become a strong person. Whatever happens happens. And if you learn to regret what does happen, then you will never spend your life thinking about the future, because living in the past can lead you no where. This I believe.