kelsey - south san francisco, California
Entered on March 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in aliens. Yes. Aliens. Not just any kind of alien, but the ones that you find at the grocery store; no, not my grandma over by the cough drops and dried prunes, but there, in the corner where they keep the ultimate prize: the sweets. The aliens I’m talking about are Sour Patch Kids.

For those of you who know nothing of the history of the candy delights- like me, who had to look it up on wikipedia- Sour Patch Kids was not originally Sour Patch Kids. It was Mars Men! Influenced by UFO sightings back in the days of the emerging Western world, “Mars Men” happened to pop up into the food industry. Who knew that the itty bitty Sour Patch Kids were in fact derived from aliens! The soft chewables are molded into tiny alienated shapes, and coated with the sourness of sour sanding.

Thus, Sour Patch Kids dominated the world. In each pack of Sour Patch Kids, you will find a red, an orange, a yellow, and a green alien. Incorporating their slogan, “First they’re sour, then their sweet”, Sour Patch Kids are just like us. Yes we’re kids, yes we’re sour, yes we come from a patch…well, not exactly. Take me for example. I consider myself a yellow alien. My sour grindings splash about to much for some people’s taste, but once you really get inside of me, you can feel the sweet and tasty atmosphere that we all share. On the outside I can seem sour, taking revenge or screaming absurdities at my next door neighbor. Once the sour fades away, what is left is the sweet taste of love and pure bliss of good that I, and everyone may or may not hide.

I like to think that we are all connected. Like Sour Patch Kids, who may or may not live on a patch- which in fact their name Sour “Patch” Kids came from the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls which was in style back in the 80’s- we as humans are connected. I am connected to you. Connected to her. Connected to him who’s connected to her who’s connected to him who’s connected to that little boy you see at the arcade who’s connected to my neighbor’s flying monkey. But that’s beside the point. We are in sync with everyone in the world, whether we know it or not. I breathe the same air as everyone else, walk upon steps that have been stepped on before, stumble upon problems others have come across. Yes, we are all unique, like every single Sour Patch Kid created, but it is that we are molded. Molded into each other, seeing the world, its creations and impurities and discovering its mysteries.

For we are all aliens in this world; I am an alien in this world.

So maybe the next time you’re standing between the detergent and the frozen meat, you’ll pick up some Sour Patch Kids, and spread the love.

This I believe.