Things I believe in

Jeffrey - Orlando, Florida
Entered on March 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, war, work

Things I believe in is Success, Armagedon, and family. These are the things I believe in. People believe in different things. For example, people may believe that pickles will take over the world. Chicken little believes the sky is falling. Just kidding still people believe in many different things no matter how crazy they sound.

I believe that success gets you places when you get alot of success. Success gets you alot of things, especially the things you want most. To be successful you need to do your best. You need to work hard to afford success.

I believe that we should stop fighting in these wars because if we don’t there will be armagedon because of war.With that being said the world will explode from the bombs. Without the bombs there would be no armagedon. Since there are bombs there is a such thing as armagedon.

Lastly, I believe in family. Family is always there for you. Families always work together. Family never leave eachother behind. Family always need each other.

In conclusion, people believe in different things no matter how crazy. Maybe if we could share our beliefs with one another and try to understand and respect others we will be alot better off. As I said I believe in Family, Armagedon, and success. Also, the things I believe in, maybe different to other people.