I believe in In-N-Out

Mallory - Piedmont, California
Entered on March 20, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

“This I believe”

I believe in In-N-Out. I believe in a meaty double double with animal style fries and a vanilla milkshake because it never ceases to amaze me, and more importantly, never fails me.

My relationship with In-N-Out is peanut butter to jelly, together until the very last bite. But sometimes people are tempted to try peanut butter and….. bananas? Sounds interesting, sounds intriguing. However; you should not mess with a relationship that is tried and true.

I can recall an “incident” when I did, in fact, disturb this consistently exceptional relationship. My family was driving back from Los Angeles on a warm, hungry day a couple of years ago and we spotted an In-N-Out and pulled off the freeway for a nice meal. However; I must have been feeling adventurous because I opted out of my usual double double and decided to go across the parking lot for a spicy chalupa from Taco Bell. When I began to devour my new ethnic treat, I immediately regretted my decision but it was too late. We continued driving and I couldn’t go back–I couldn’t change my order. I had made the wrong decision and was starving once more. I had been disloyal and was paying the price.

Unfortunately, the chalupa incident has not been my only recollection of disloyalty in my life. I attended a Backstreet Boys concert when I was twelve which happened to fall on the same day as one of my good friend’s birthday parties. I had truly planned to go to her party but, at the last minute, I was invited by another friend to the concert. I was faced with a decision to make, and I am aware now that I made the wrong one. I had fun at the concert; I danced and sang but also thought of the friend I had ditched on her special day. I regretted ordering the chalupa once more, but now I was paying a price much greater than a rumbling stomach. I had been, as what only can be described as, an awful friend, or more like not a friend at all. Feeling the guild build within me finally is what drove me to tell her the truth. I did and she was understandably upset, but more disappointed I think. That was the first time I truly understood the meaning of the word “loyal”, and I had been the opposite of it.

Loyalty is what keeps friends as friends and what holds families together. Without it, relationships wouldn’t exist and people would live in the world alone. In-N-Out has never failed me and it never will, and I will never fail a friend again. I have learned that, in our world, loyalty is usually underrated and underused but despite those things, it is never acceptable to abandon the quality because it is the key to a successful relationship.–whether it be with burger or with a friend.