Free Will

Johnny - Evergreen, Colorado
Entered on March 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Free will is the single most important part of a person’s life. This I believe because you can’t be an individual if you have no free will. In some cases people become afraid of what others will think of them if they do something that they do not approve of. After a while they just start thinking about everything that they are doing wrong and start correcting it to where those people like you. For some this may sound nice maybe getting people to like you a bit more, but personally I think you should never have to worry about any one else’s opinions just do what you want to do.

I think that schools are a big problem with free will that’s the main reason people become afraid of what people think in the first place. With all the trends and groups and things, some people just don’t know how to be around them or they may have just been raised differently. It’s when this happens that people start losing sight of them self and trying to be some one else.

To have a good free will you have to have a good state of mind. If you feel low and small like you are just another person in the world then you are going to become just another person in the world. If you feel like a unique individual then you probably are one. People who simply think this are unique are usually happier and even feel slightly above every one else in the world even if your not. But in your mind you are because you don’t care what any one else think any more, you are yourself.