Little Miss Selena

Marina - Allenhurst, Georgia
Entered on March 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: purpose

Have youever wondered what you really wanted to be in life? Have you ever wanted to be something then ten minutes later want to be something different because someone you loved said you would be a doctor or a teacher. I have. When i was 10 years old I saw this movie called Selena. Then ten minutes after it was over I then relized that I too wanted to be a singer nd a fashion designer when I wanted to be a teacher. I have had a relly good singing voice I have just been afraid to let people here it. I have also had a good eye for fashion desgning as well and I am also half mexican. My mom has always said I have always looked like Selena. So every time I sing she calles me Little Miss Selena, which makes me feel great. This is why Selena really inspired me because me and her are alot alike. So if I am on my way to following my dream all those people should too.