My Reason For Living

Ashley - Belmont, Michigan
Entered on March 19, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that there is a God. There are not many gods who live far away ready to torture you for every wrong doing. No I believe there is only one God who describes Himself as the I AM. He is loving and forgiving. I believe He is the same God whose written word to people is the Bible. He is the same God who sent His son Jesus to die on the cross and rise again. He is the same God who overcame death by His resurrection. I believe that at the sound of His command, mountains can move. I believe He is right here with me cheering me on to live for Him. I believe He is the reason I get out of bed and live this life He gave me. He is the reason I have breath in my nostrils and a beat in my heart. Because of Him, I have a smile on my face. I believe there is nothing else worth living for. He is the song that I sing. Everything I have whether it be my talents, knowledge, relationships, or successes are all because He gave them to me. I believe God is the source of my joy and peace.

I am in college, I have a job, and I believe in hard work and discipline, but without God, there would be no point in living. Without Him there would be no point in working hard and giving my best. I believe God is as real as each breath I take. When I look at the stars in the universe, I know they were created by Him. All of creation shouts with every sound, color, texture, and force that there is a God. When I look outside and see the limitless sky speckled with bright stars, I see the handy work of God. When standing in front of the vast blue Lake Michigan, I see God. I believe that He created all of those amazing wonders of the world to show that He does exist. I believe that having faith in God is not the equivalent of holding onto a fairytale fantasy. I see God working in my life through the answers of my prayers. I believe He is not hard to find. I believe He is just waiting for people to open their eyes to see His fingerprints all over this beautiful planet.

I believe that His love is greater than the most romantic love story. He desires a relationship with everyone. I believe we were created to be the object of His affection and love. I believe that if I were to die in the next minute I would spend eternity with God, my God, the only God. I know without a shadow of a doubt that God does exist. This I believe.